Based on the XRM Framework©, Correspondence Management System is an essential tool for any organization, allowing you to manage all institutional correspondence with your business partners, as well as securing all information and relevant documentation for tailored communication.

Security and Privacy

Inclusive database: All documents are integrated into the database. User access control to data. Encrypted data.

Centralize / Standardize

All correspondence, documents and informmation are centralized and available in the LAN. All in and outbound communication can be registered in the database. Customizable communications: letters, emails, sms, meeting minutes, phone subjects, etc. Communication en masse. Usage of approved models for communication

Workflow and Follow-up

Customizable document workflow, allowing for monitoring and/or explicit approval of incoming documents. Communication follow-up.

Stakeholder information

Secure storage of all information regarding entities and contacts. Attachmment of any kind to documment records. Diverse information, relationship between entities and contacts.

Multiple Search

Multi-level search with filters for all record fields.
Keyword(s) search in communication documents or attachments of any record from any table.


Organization of all correspondence related to processes, projects, entities, contacts, among others.
Document attachment of all types to any record from any table.


Normalization of communication interfaces, assuring a unique and consistent external image.
Pre-defined and pre-approved document models for usage in different documents


All personal data are safely stored.
GDPR compliance support, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of data.


Integration with productivity tools: Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook.
Data export to Excel

Customized Communication

Customized communication, single or generatd en masse.
Mailings, eMailings e smsMailings


Corporate activity information management through the recording of all information relative to stakeholders and documents


Follow-up of inbound and outbound communication
Management by dates, assignees and type of follow-up


Received correspondence workflow
Phases and participants are customizable per document type


User-level language selection
Available: English and Portuguese

Technical requirements

Windows 8.1 or above
Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express or above
Microsoft Word for customizing letters
Microsoft Outlook for customizing emails