Sales conditions

SOFTGOING-Software Solutions, Lda, Portuguese-based company with NIF 509283810, delivers the services and products to the CLIENT as described in the websites and When purchasing a service or product, the CLIENT must supply all requested data (mandatory fields) in the checkout form.

SOFTGOING commits to store securely all supplied data — content, information or any other information elements — by the CLIENT regarding the execution of the present sale, independently of the support which they provide, without prejudice of the present conditions in terms of personal data protection.

The CLIENT recognizes and accepts that SOFTGOING has no control of the content in transmitted information by the CLIENT through telecommmunication mediums that the CLIENT uses.

The CLIENT holds full responsability to ensure that its own hardware, operating systems or computer programs are adequate to the usage of the offered product.

The CLIENT commits to not use, and to prevent other from using the sold product to store, reproduce, broadcast, communicate or obtain any material, data, images or information that:

  • violates any legal or regulamentary provision, code of conduct or usage conditions;
  • is abusive, indecent, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, threatening or that is offensive in any way; or
  • violates any provision on confidentiality, intelectual or industrial copyrights, privacy or any other third-party rights, which are protected by any state’s laws or international treaty.

The CLIENT equally accepts to, independently of the nature of services or products supplied by SOFTGOING, not:

  • violate any intelectual property rights, from SOFTGOING or third parties, or any other property rights related to software or any other assets provided by SOFTGOING;
  • use or allow others to use the provided software for any ilegal use or susceptible of any kind of disturbance, including sending or transmiting non solicited emails (“Spam”).

The CLIENT recognizes e accepts that SOFTGOING will issue electronic invoices as consequence of sales or provided services acquired by the CLIENT. The electronic invoices are sent to the e-mail address as filled in the CLIENT’s reserved area.

The CLIENT declares to have read, understood and accepted SOFTGOING’s privacy policy, available in this link