We launched a new module, ADMINISTRATOR, that allows to manage and customize applications based in the XRM framework, like the Correspondence Management System. With this module you can:

  • Multiple databases. Creation and management of multiple databases within XRM
  • User access configuration to data by: » Menu and sub-menu restrictions » Restricting function buttons and fields » Restrictions depending on content of fields
  • Field customization: Adaptation of the fields and tables’ names, for adapting to the company’s industry. Also allows adding fields to existing tables
  • Mandatory fields: Definition of mandatory fields or alternative filling options

New XRM-Correspondence application

The Correspondence Management System was launched, based on the powerful XRM platform. This is an essential tool for any organization, allowing to manage and keep all critical information, correspondence and documentation safe.

The XRM-Correspondence offers:

  • Security and Privacy guaranteed through an inclusive database, where all documents are integrated, with powerful access management
  • Centralization of all available information on customers, suppliers, partners, employees, institutions, as well as all documents and correspondence
  • Standardization of all correspondence through configurable templates, creating a unique image of the organization
  • Various types of communication, namely letters, emails, sms, minutes of phone calls and important meetings, etc.
  • Follow-up and Documentary Workflow

Portuguese Red Cross selects XRM

XRM was selected by the Portuguese Red Cross as a database management platform for its activity information.

This solution has already been implemented in the centralized management of Associate Members and Hospital Beneficiaries with complementary services. With XRM it was thus possible to centralize and manage the information of the approximately 180 Delegations at national level, contributing to an optimization of all associated procedures.

New version 2.0 of XRM

The XRM platform, eXtended Relationship Management, was launched. This platform, based on a framework with a high level of customization, allows the development of standard and specific computer applications of great quality and robustness. This platform aims to:

  • Centralize, Classify, Normalize and Organize all information regarding Contacts and Entities, Documents and Business Processes
  • Register and manage correspondence and communications for the entire Organization
  • Relational Marketing, Operations, Events and Campaigns management

The XRM platform offers the following:

  • Multiple searches, with filters in all record fields
  • Searches for words or texts in communication documents or attachments of any record in any table
  • Integration with productivity tools
  • Inclusive database, with integration of all documents
  • Access management